The Administration for Community Living (ACL) contracted with WRMA to plan, design, develop, and pilot a system for collecting Adult Protective Services (APS) data from states and US territories to have consistent and accurate national data on abuse among vulnerable adults.

The project involved working with states and ACL to develop a standard set of data elements and values; develop the cloud-hosted National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System (NAMRS) to accept, validate, store and process data from states; and conduct a pilot project with a sample set of states. In the pilot, WRMA worked with the selected states to map and transform data from their APS systems to the common data set and to submit that data via the NAMRS portal.

Following the successful pilot, ACL awarded a contract to WRMA to:

  • Expand NAMRS to a national data collection system
  • Operate an Adult Protective Services Technical Assistance Resource Center (APS TARC)
  • Complete an evaluation of APS programs and interventions

The expansion included enhancements to the initial NAMRS system, training and technical assistance to States and Territories for transforming their unique APS system data to the standard set, and the development of reporting and data access capabilities in support of adult maltreatment research.

The APS TARC serves to enhance the effectiveness of APS programs in improving the safety and well-being of adult victims of maltreatment and neglect across the US through technical assistance.

The evaluation efforts will provide the first-ever national analysis of APS policy and practice, as well as examine the relationship of these factors to data collected via NAMRS.

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