WRMA Corporate Leadership:


Judy F. Sebastian, Chief Executive Officer

Robert S. Cordes, Chief Operating Officer

Melissa Cordes, Chief Administrative Officer

Alison Sebastian, Chief Management Officer

Jim Bates, Senior Vice President

Jim Storey, Senior Vice President

Katharine Whitaker, Vice President, Contracts, and Pricing

Jocelyn Rowe, Director of Marketing and Capture



Senior Subject Matter Experts:


Dr. Jennifer Dewey:   Child Welfare, Children’s Behavioral Health, Program Evaluation, Training and
Technical Assistance

Robert Frein:  Child Care, Program Integrity, Project Management, Subsidy Administration

Phyllis Gervais-Voss:  Adult Protective Services, Data Collection Systems, American Indian and Alaska Native Communities, System Implementation

Dr. Rachel Gross:  Aging, Health Communications, Performance Measurement, Qualitative & Quantitative Data Analysis

Dicy Perry:  Child Welfare Information Systems, Cross System Linkages, Family Assistance/TANF, System Design

Nina Stanton:  American Indian and Alaska Native Communities, Early Childhood, Management Consulting, Training and Technical Assistance

Karl Urban:  Aging, Adult Protective Services, Program Management, Training and Technical Assistance

Dr. Joe Willey:  American Indian and Alaska Native Communities, Behavioral Health, Evaluation of Training and Technical Assistance, Program Evaluation

Lana Zikratova:  Child Welfare, Data Collection Systems Design, Substance Abuse Treatment, Qualitative & Quantitative Data Analysis