We value both our clients and the populations we serve. We improve the lives of children and families and enhance social services practices by providing system-wide improvements in support of the delivery of health, development, human services programs, and advance public policy through:

Data Analytics and Technical Assistance

WRMA provides research, evaluation, and technical assistance expertise to Federal, Tribal, State, and Local Governments; Foundations; and Nonprofit Agencies with the objective of improving the knowledge base from which to design, fund, implement, and improve health and human services. Our research focuses on the needs of vulnerable children and their families, whether they participate in the child welfare, mental health, early education systems, or other health and human services programs. Our evaluations have been multi-site and multi-year, commonly collecting a wide range of data including client data, services data, cost data, and outcomes data. We are leaders in reducing data collection and reporting burdens on programs and individuals by maximizing the utilization of administrative data sets.

IT Systems for Health and Human Services

WRMA is a leader in applying information technology to solve real-world problems experienced by families and children through helping Federal, State, Local, International and Private Agencies plan, design, develop, and implement state-of-the-art systems. Our specialty is the design of comprehensive client information systems that support agencies working with case management, client services, providers, and cost data. From our inception, WRMA staff has become nationally recognized for blending programmatic knowledge with technological foresight and effective project management. We strive for continuous quality improvement solutions. We have built numerous client assessments, case management, and performance monitoring information systems.

Management Consulting

For more than 30 years, WRMA has been providing Business Process Improvement, Program Integrity, Planning, Service Design and Evaluation, and Staff Augmentation services to our clients at the Federal, State, and Local Levels.  We develop strategically sound technical assistance, best practices, and organizational improvement plans for public and private sectors. For over 30 years, we have identified needs, desired outcomes, system capacity, and service delivery systems.

WRMA provides short-term organizational improvement services, based upon solid research techniques. These services have specific goals to help management address core functions. They include conducting workload studies, developing strategic plans, preparing planning documents, and summarizing key legislative or practice developments as background papers. Often teams of experts are brought together to work with several branches of government to address the immediate needs of an agency. Reports have been provided to legislative or other governing bodies to assist them in policy and budgetary decisions

Our commitment to continuous quality improvement and the WRMA “way” has allowed us to come alongside our customers and ensure that they are able to focus on the “mission” while we work to ensure seamless service delivery of their internal operations and continuous program improvements.

Staff Augmentation

WRMA’s Executive Leadership Team has extensive experience rapidly mobilizing staff and overcoming challenges in CONUS and OCONUS, including working in conflict and post-conflict countries. Our proven staffing approach lends itself to finding qualified employees with specific security clearances and technical expertise that meet the unique needs of our domestic U.S. and overseas clients, and demands of in-country conditions.  Our philosophy behind our staff augmentation services is to ensure that our customers may focus on the mission and project execution while also realizing efficiencies and cost savings.